The UK is celebrating its inaugural National Conveyancing Week (‘NCW’) this week. From March 20th to 24th, the organisers of NCW are hosting a range of in-person and virtual events for estate agents, mortgage brokers, and homebuyers to improve their understanding of the role of property lawyers in the process of moving homes.

Langley Wellington is proud to be supporting the NCW campaign. With that, we are sharing four ‘top tips’ across our social media, allowing us to help you feel more at ease when entering the conveyancing process.

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What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing refers to the legal transfer of property from one owner to another, which involves two critical stages: contract exchange and completion. At Langley Wellington, we guide our clients through every stage of the conveyancing process, handling all legal and administrative checks and explaining legal jargon in plain language.

Unfortunately, the complexity of buying or selling a property has led to Conveyancing getting a bad reputation over time, especially when transactions fall through or experience delays. However, for the most part, the conveyancing process is straightforward and can be even simpler with the help of reliable solicitors, estate agents, and mortgage brokers.

What is National Conveyancing Week?

Between the 20th and 24th of March 2023, the first National Conveyancing Week is taking place in the UK.

According to the event’s organisers, National Conveyancing Week aims to: Inform; Educate; Assist; Motivate; Reassure; Help recruit new entrants; Improve the profile of conveyancers and conveyancing and ensure fees can be set at and kept at an acceptable level.

Langley Wellington is proud to be supporting the scheme. Find out more about our residential property team, based in Gloucester and Cheltenham, below.

Conveyancing at Langley Wellington

At Langley Wellington, we have a dedicated department, Cotswold Conveyancing Centre, with specialist conveyancing solicitors and licensed conveyancers dealing with all types of property transactions, including those for first-time buyers and experienced property investors.

We have 10 client managers across our Gloucester and Cheltenham offices, each with their own support teams. We have offered property services in and around this area for over 25 years.

Our comprehensive list of property services includes the following:

Over the past ten years, law firms have been adopting new technology to deal with the property boom and clients’ expectations. It has relieved the burden of administrative tasks and allows us to focus on service levels, particularly keeping clients informed and tackling growing caseloads. If you think about how other sectors, such as banking or restaurants have changed as a result of our digital world, law firms are no different.

How have we embraced technology?

At Langley Wellington and Cotswold Conveyancing Centre, we adapt to ways of working and process changes such as updating our case management system where necessary, giving the client the most straightforward, most streamlined approach to completing their transactions.

In addition, we offer a fixed fee service to all clients for their property transactions. Furthermore, if your transaction falls through for any reason, you will not pay us for any of the work we have carried out! No move, no fee.

For the purposes of National Conveyancing Week, we spoke to one of our experienced property team about working with us; here is what they had to say:

“I enjoy being able to share important moments with my clients, whether that is purchasing their first home or saying goodbye to their family home and knowing I can make a difference in that experience for them”.

Speak to a Solicitor

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