Selling a property

No property is exactly the same, our fees will reflect the particular requirements of transaction. For example a sale of a Listed Building because of its complexities may cost more than dealing with a sale of freehold property of modern construction. Because of this we cannot give you a reliable estimate of the cost of your conveyancing but fees for a typical house sale range from around £850.00 for a simple transaction to £5000.00 for the sale of a substantial historic building on unregistered land.
These figures will vary according to any special complications, that is why we will always give you an individual cost estimate at the start of the transaction. This will take in to account the actual features of either your purchase.

We will always advise you immediately about any complications and discuss the potential impact of any price before any additional charges are incurred.

Selling Costs

From to Cost
0 £175,000 £850.00
£175,001 £250,000 £899.00
£250,001 £300,000 £950.00
£300,001 £400,000 £999.00
£400,001 £500,000 £1050.00
£500,001 £750,000 £1150.00
£750,000+ Call for details
Prices quoted exclude VAT and Mandatory Fees and Taxes