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Every child should receive an appropriate education giving them the best start in life. For parents of children who have Special Educational Needs (SEN) getting the right support, provision and school their child is entitled to, can be a stressful and difficult process.

Education Lawyers is a dedicated department at Langley Wellington LLP Solicitors offering advice and guidance on the rights you have as a parent and the rights of your children. Our specialist team is here to help with the legal process and paperwork, leaving you to focus on providing care and love for your child.

Our team will be happy to speak to you and provide advice and guidance.

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Many local authorities do not provide adequate support or guidance to parents with children who have Special Educational Needs. Our goal is to make a positive impact on both your life and the life of your child by getting the right educational support your child is entitled to.


We’ve been on a journey as a family.

This journey has taken us through lows that you couldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

As part of this, it became clear just how many people around me have these challenges, and silently with incredible dignity and resilience battle through. Day after day.

Some of you will have followed posts I’ve made over the last few years, and several of you I’ve confided in over that time, regarding the challenges we’re going through with our amazing son and his needs.

He’s an incredible little boy, but the world is a scary, challenging and confusing place for him.

The challenge was getting the help he needed. Something we didn’t expect to have to fight as hard as we had to for it.

A few weeks ago brought to a close the culmination of nearly a year of blood sweat and tears for all involved – after two appearances at tribunal we got the outcome we desired and our son needed – and for that we will never know how to thank those involved.

Attending the tribunal even with the amazing prep from our team was, unsurprisingly, daunting. Whilst I think it would be poor form to name those on the panel, they know who they are. They set us at ease, treated us kindly and fairly, and reminded all in attendance that at the heart of this, was a little boy who needed appropriate help.

We have the decision following tribunal, and are incredibly excited that he starts at his new special school starts in September.

Anyone here with SEN children, I can not recommend highly enough several absolutely incredible people who will advocate for your children and get you the support you need:

  • Solicitor – Mrs Rukhsana Koser of Education Lawyers, part of Langley Wellington LLP Solicitors and her amazing team of Julie Greenhorn & Christina Hollocks.
  • Barristers Shazia Akhtar & Deborah Hay of Gatehouse Chambers.
  • Educational Psychologist Melanie Hartgill.
  • Occupational Therapist Anthea Bailey.
  • Speech and Language Therapist Myra Pontac.
  • Independent Social Worker Cathleen Long.

Some life experiences change you – this was one of those. It was a journey that I’d wish on no one. This whole team brought light to us when we were in an incredibly dark place, and treated us with respect and decency. Their skill, determination, empathy and professionalism is simply incredible. (more amazing words required!)

They’ve changed the lives of our family for the better, forever.

We cannot recommend them highly enough. I certainly will never find the words or actions to thank them enough.

Please contact them if you need help.


August 2023

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