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The breakdown of any relationship can be extremely distressing, especially when children are involved. There are many important arrangements to consider, such as where children will live, how much time they spend with each parent or decisions on upbringing including education and religion.

We have been working in family law for many years, and in our experience reaching a jointly agreed arrangement, either by negotiation or through mediation, will be in the best interests for all involved, and most importantly, in the best interests of the children. Avoiding the Family court, if possible, will keep costs down, speed up the process, and is more likely to lessen the conflict between separating couples. Whilst avoiding court assistance is not always possible, seeking legal advice early on, can help you and your family find the most suitable route.


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Child Arrangement Lawyers

Our dedicated family law team have decades of experience in child law between them, providing legal advice and services on a broad spectrum of legal matters relating to children and child disputes. Our expert child law lawyers can help on a wide range of matters and disputes relating to children, including:

  • Parental Responsibility Agreement – Protect your legal rights in being involved in important decisions concerning your child’s education, health and welfare.
  • Residence Order – To determine where your child will live.
  • Contact Order – To make arrangements for contact with your children.
  • Change of Name and Adoption – Change your child’s name or assistance with Adoption procedure.
  • International or National Relocation – Dealing with children moving abroad or to another area of the country.
  • Child Maintenance – funding for children following a separation or divorce

When it comes to looking after children, the law is complex and what is needed is a legal team that is sensitive to children’s needs, and which has the experience to achieve the best outcome. Every childcare case is unique and can involve so many different interests – from the parents, to the legal guardians – to the local authorities.

We will work with you and other parties involved to try and find a jointly agreed arrangement, avoiding the assistance of the family courts if possible. However, we will be on hand to guide you through the court process if an agreement cannot be reached. 


Complex Child Law Disputes 

When there are more serious issues involved or a breakdown of communication causes fractious disputes, it is vital you seek early advice from a family lawyer with experience in this complex area of law. Our experienced family law team, work with parents, guardians and local authorities on a wide range of complex disputes regarding children, including:

  • Child Abduction issues
  • Local Authority Care Matters  
  • Grandparents Rights – grandparents are being denied contact with their grandchildren following a separation of the parents
  • Prohibited Steps Order – resolve a dispute about upbringing, including being taken from you to live elsewhere in England or abroad.
  • Specific Issue Order – Resolve a specific point of dispute about parental responsibility, including issues surrounding education for example 
  • Disputes between same-sex parents
  • Surrogacy disputes
  • Disputes involving transgender parents 


Social Services

At Langley Wellington LLP cases involving child protection agencies and social services are safe in our hands. Please get in touch, our friendly staff are ready to offer support and advice today.

We realise how difficult Court proceedings involving children and social services are for parents to have to go through, but our dedicated childcare solicitors care deeply about doing the right thing in each case. Their legal expertise and experience will be invaluable in representing you.


How Langley Wellington help

Seeking expert legal advice from a family law lawyer is the best way to ensure that disputes can be settled early on or agreements reached in the most amicable way possible. Our team of family lawyers will help you understand your legal rights and find a solution that is in the best interest for you and your children.

Regardless of the complexity of your situation, Langley Wellington can provided tailored legal advice and assistance in relation to child law matters and any other related legal issues.  

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Other Legal Services

We can also provide specialist legal advice on other areas of law that may be relevant when you are dealing with a family law matter, such Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Estate Management, and Conveyancing.


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